Epic Hotel, Miami, USA



New World Trade Center in Manhattan - New York, USA

Scyscraper Epic & Residences in Miami, USA 
55-story skyscraper with a total high of 174.00 m

CMC Consruction Inc., Miami FL

Construction period:    

Scope of supply:
2,000 tons thread bars SAS 670/800 Ø 63.5 mm, 
121 tons thread bars SAS 670/800 Ø 43 mm, 
with SAS couplers with set screws

The thread bars SAS 670/800 are used in this building as reinforcing steel in the foundation slab and shear walls - the primary supporting elements in the building. Due to high wind loads on tall structures shear walls 
contain concentration of reinforcing steel. A practical and elegant solution is to reduce the number and 
quantity of rebar by substituting thread bars SAS 670/800 Ø 43 mm and 63.5 mm for conventional rebar. 
Additionally, eliminating lap splices with threadable coupling results in significant additional.

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