432 Park Avenue, New York, USA



432 Park Avenue in New York, USA
Roof height = 1,398’ = 426 m, with a 15:1 slenderness ration 

Construction Period:    
2011 - 2015 (expected)

Main contractors:
Owner: Lend Lease, Structural Eng.: WSP Cantor Seinuk, Architect: Rafael Viñoli + SLCE Architects, 
Construction company: Roger + Sons Concrete Corp. 

SAS Stressteel

Scope of supply:
70 tons DCP rock anchors SAS 835/1035 Ø 75 mm, 
2,400 tons high strength reinforcement SAS 670/800 Ø 43 - 63 mm 

432 Park Avenue at completion will be one of the tallest US-building structures with a roof height 
exceeding that of both the empire state building and the New World Trade Center Tower 1. Large 
concentrations of  reinforcement in the structure required the use of SAS high performance systems. The 
structure was deemed “un-buildable” without using SAS materials. The largest available rock anchor tie down the structure to bedrock to resist uplift on the structure. The primary tower columns consists of all SAS 670/800 thread bars, as well as the large boundary elements of the core shear walls were replaced with SAS 670/800 materials. Aiding the contractors with the schedule cycle, all columns and shear wall elements were provided prefabricated into cage modules for rapid construction in the field. Once again New York is 
built with material from Stahlwerk Annahütte. 

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