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ULTS (Ultra Low Temperature Steel)


SAS Stressteel ULTS has been developed for the construction of large scale LNG Tanks. SAS ULTS has been used for a variety of LNG projects throughout the world and has surpassed all required testing to be used in such demanding applications.

SAS 500/600 fulfills all the requirements set forth in the updated DIN EN 14620-3, the internationally adapted standard for ULTS material testing.

SAS 500/600 ULTS is the threaded bar solution and cost cutting alternative to cryogenic rebar. The very high ductility of the material exceeds the requirements of the standards for ultra-low temperature applications.


ULTS Bar Overview



SAS ULTS 500/600 has the same mechanical properties at – 165 degrees Celsius as standard reinforcement solutions at ambient temperature.


All known advantages of the SAS thread pattern persists:

  • Cutting or extension with couplers are possible at any position of the bar
  • Easy site approved assembly saving in labor costs ‘
  • Screwable, coarse thread over the entire length of the bar with self-cleaning thread effect
  • Coarse thread ensures optimal bond behavior to concrete
  • All accessories exceed the maximum yield strength of the bars