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Threaded Bars and Accessories


All SAS con­ti­nuous­ly thre­a­ded steel bars are hot-rol­led and tem­pe­red. Our Grade 150 bars are additionally cold stret­ched and stress re­li­e­ved to pro­of load, a pro­cess which as­su­res that each and every bar has be­en in­di­vi­dual­ly tested for ten­si­le ca­pa­ci­ty and a well-defined yield point; ac­cu­ra­te and re­lia­ble steel at high strengths. The constant monitoring of materials and processes as­su­res a con­sis­tent pro­duct you can count on every ti­me. Our threaded bars and hardware accessories are produced in an ISO 9001 certified mill.

SAS Stressteel offers a full range of domestic and non-domestic steel bar sizes (#5 - #28) in various grades, as well as full assortment of compatible hardware accessories. Our lower grade bar series (Grade 75/80, Grade 97) exceed all requirements of ASTM A-615 for concrete reinforcement and our post-tensioning high strength series (Grade 150) also exceeds all requirements of ASTM A-722.



Bar Type





Grade 60 Rebar #4 - #18

Concrete Reinforcement,

Resin Anchors

Grade 75/80 Thread Bar #5 - #24 Concrete Reinforcement, Caissons, Micropiles, Soil Nails, Tie Rods
Grade 97 Thread Bar            #6 - #24 High Strength Concrete Reinforcement, Micropiles, Soil Nails, Tie Rods
Grade 150 Thread Bar 3/4" - 3" Post Tensioning, Tieback Anchors, Tiedown Anchors, Tie Rods
Grade 160 Thread Bar 9/16 ", 3/16" Concrete Formwork Ties
Hollow Core Thread Bar    1-1/4" -  4-1/4"  Tieback Anchors, Soil Nails, Micropiles
Ultra Low Temperature Steel (ULTS) #4 - #10 Concrete Reinforcement