Hollow Bar Header


  • High-strength fully threaded bars come in easy to handle 10' (3m) lengths

  • Standard ISO rope thread (R32-R51) or trapezoidal thread (RR64-RR108) promotes increased bond between bar and grout
  • A wide selection of drill bits are available for various ground conditions
  • Matching couplers, hex nuts, and anchor plates available for all bar sizes
  • Continuously threaded bars for cutting and joining at any length
  • Enhanced corrosion protection with hot-dip galvanizing available upon request
  • Grout swivels available for most drill-rig configurations


  • Simple one-step installation
  • Increased production through simultaneous drilling and grouting
  • Allows tremie grouting, helping eliminate grout voids
  • Can be installed in loose or collapsing soils without the need for a temporary casing to support the borehole
  • Allows the use of smaller and less expensive drill rigs
  • Can be installed in low overhead areas and sites with limited access 
  • Improves density of surrounding soils
  • Promotes higher skin friction and soil bond due to rough pressure grouted borehole
  • Fully threaded throughout the entire length to allow the bars to be cut at any desired length
  • Additional corrosion protection can be provided
  • Grout swivels can be used to retrofit standard rotary percussion drills


SAS Hollow Bars can be installed as either temporary or permanent solutions in: sand, clay, weathered rock and decomposed rock.

  • Soil Nails
  • Micropiles
  • Rock Bolts
  • Tiedown Anchors
  • Tieback Anchors