High-Strength Reinforcement Systems (HSRS®) 


The Aicher Steel Americas Grade 75/80 and Grade 100 high-strength reinforcing bars and accessories are innovative products, far surpassing conventional reinforcing materials. Combined with innovative engineering design, our products can be used as a high-performance structural alternative, primarily utilized in the construction of high-rise buildings and deep foundation elements.

GR 97 Bar chart solo


Maximum Strength Capacity

Our HSRS® features an increased yield and ultimate strength capacity well above commonly used reinforcing materials. This increased strength capacity, along with available large diameter bar sizes, enables the construction of slender yet stable structural elements. 

Gr 97 accessories


A Modular System

By optimizing the necessary quantity of reinforcing steel, the modular system can help decongest heavily reinforced structural members. This can allow for reductions on walls and column sizes which would lead to an increase in sellable living space.

If you want to reduce the cost of labor, our team at Aicher Steel Americas can prefabricate shearwall and steel reinforcement modules and deliver them direclty to your jobsite. Read more about our module system by clicking on High Strength Concrete Reinforcement brochure above!

Module Detail



  • The use of Grade 100 with mechanical couplers as compared to Grade 60 conventional rebar with lap splices will result in a reinforcing steel weight savings up to 53 %. This reduction in weight will decrease overall labor and shipping costs.
  • The use of mechanical couplers with large diameter thread bars in-lieu of lap splicing conventional rebar significantly reduces congestions in the splice zone.
  • Prefabricated thread bar cages can be placed with one pick from the tower crane. 
  • Off-site fabrication of cages reduces congestion at staging areas on the job site and increases safety. 
  • The stiffness and rigidity of the large diameter thread bars in the cages help maintain vertical alignment of the columns and shear wall forms. 
  • Reduction in verticle reinforcement reduces congestion in heavily reinforced members and permits easier placement of concrete. 
  • Design of columns and shear walls using the high-strength thread bars with high-strength concrete results in slender member sections; thus creating more usable and sellable floor space.


column example


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