SAS Ground Anchor Systems

SAS Stressteel is your trusted partner for any rock and soil anchoring needs. With our technical know-how and family of innovative and cost-effective geotechnical systems, we can design and provide a solution for almost any project.

Our SAS thread bar anchors, multistrand anchors, and hollow bar anchors are perfect for both temporary and permanent applications. Known for our unmatched customer service and product quality, we will be there to support you from concept through construction. Contact us today to get started on your next successfull ground anchor project.

Types of Ground Anchors

Single Corrosion Protected (SCP) Rock or Soil Anchors 
Double Corrosion Protected (DCP) Rock or Soil Anchors
Soil Nails
Rock Bolts
Strand Anchors
Hollow Bar Anchors
Resin Anchors

Expansion Shell Anchors