Caissons and Micropiles 




Caissons, also known as drilled shafts, are high-capacity, cast-in-place deep foundation elements designed with steel reinforcement to primarily resist the compressive, uplift/tension, and lateral loads of large structures. Aicher Steel Americas larger diameter Thread Bars are the most popular and reliable choices for multi-bar caisson reinforcement cages.  With the help of our in-house engineering team, each multi-bar caisson project is carefully analyzed and value engineered to benefit the specific needs of our customers.  With our ease of construction approach, Aicher Steel Americas is the industry leader in the innovative design and supply of prefabricated caisson reinforcement cages.  For fast and reliable installation, let our trusted team design, fabricate, and deliver our cages directly to your jobsite.





Micropiles, also known as minipiles, are a small diameter cast-in-place deep foundation element constructed using high-strength steel casing and steel Thread Bar reinforcement designed to resists compressive, uplift/tension, and lateral loads.  Typical uses for micropiles include underpinning, retrofitting of existing structures, and foundations for transmission towers, bridges, highways, and other structures. These smaller diameter piles are especially advantageous in jobsites with low headroom, restricted access, or environmental sensitivity. 

SAS Stressteel offers various Hollow Bar or solid Thread Bar sizes for micropile reinforcement, most commonly Grade 75/80 (#11–#24). Aicher Steel Americas also offers higher strength Thread bar in our Grade 100 and GR 150. These higher strength bars are commonly used to maximize design loads while minimizing steel weight and overall pile diameter.  



Caisson Load Table


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