SAH Stahlwerk Annahuette

Stahlwerk Annahuette is the parent company of SAS Stressteel Inc. and part of the Max Aicher Group.

Quality and know-how – more than two words.
The foundation of our success is our employees’ high level of commitment and wealth of experience. Thanks to their expertise we are well prepared to meet challenges today and in the future. The products and services of Annahütte speak for themselves and ensure tomorrow’s business. We develop future-oriented products in close cooperation with our customers and suppliers. Our strong team spirit is the foundation of our corporate culture!

WE are a leading supplier of high-quality steel bars and thread bars.
Our know-how and understanding of our customers‘ needs and requirements have made us a leading supplier of steel products. We are a renowned specialist in the manufacture of hot-rolled round steel and thread bars. We are a trusted dynamic and innovative company with a long, rich history to look back on. Our products are widely used in the technical engineering sector as well as in the automotive and tool industries; however, we are known not only as a manufacturer of top-quality products but also as a reliable service provider. And we’ll continue to do our utmost to further enhance our leading market position, focusing on our key success factors of efficiency, reliability, flexibility and custom-orientation.

Innovation has been our watchword for many centuries.
More than 475 years of experience make us one of the leading global steel companies. Innovation is our tradition. In cooperation with our customers, we develop future-orientated products and innovative solutions.

WE are at home anywhere in the world.
International presence is our strategic key element.

We are active on all continents and closely cooperate with partners to ensure that our products and services meet individual customer requirements. Our own worldwide sales and marketing infrastructure ensures close market proximity. Thus we can identify and satisfy our clients’ requirements quickly and on the spot.

WE assume social responsibility for man and nature.
We work to protect our environment in order to preserve it for following generations and perform our services with a view to maximum environmental compatibility. We have been undergoing comprehensive energy and environmental certification processes for many years.

The expansion of the company-owned hydroelectric power station to satisfy 100% of the company’s power demand has top priority. The fact is that only through the commitment of everyone involved can corporate environmental protection be realised and continuously improved.

Social commitment is another primary concern of our company and we endeavour to closely cooperate with social institutions.

WE are a reliable partner for our customers.
We see our customers as long-term competent partners. Their satisfaction has top priority. This includes adherence to schedules, quick and reliable delivery as well as individually tailored advice during the entire process. Open communication and mutual trust define our partnership.

WE build on strong and reliable business partners.
Our suppliers and service providers share our values. They implement our strategies and are competent and reliable partners.

We provide solutions.
With our wide range of products we can offer complete system solutions. Our products have attained a leading position worldwide in reinforcement, geotechnical, post-tensioning and formwork engineering as well as in tunnelling and mining. Our steel bars are used by all European automobile manufacturers, in the tool, mechanical engineering and chain industries as well as in the field of renewable energy production. Our customers particularly profit from our company’s high standards in research & development, quality, production and flexibility.

WE guarantee premium quality and top performance.
Quality “Made in Germany”: We are the world’s number one in the production of hot-rolled thread bars. We are Europe’s leading manufacturer of round steel bars of thin dimensions. You can rely on us to ensure consistent high quality, product availability and short response times. We strive for continuous process optimization to satisfy the highest quality management system certification standards.

We share a common goal to provide the best service to our customers.
Our highly qualified employees are the basis of our success. Our achievements are founded on experience, inventiveness, strong team spirit, flexibility, individual responsibility and our ambition to provide optimal service. We invest in our employees: Their goal-oriented continuing education and training ensures our future and enables them to pursue long-term perspectives in their professional development. To this end, Annahütte has established a special Academy for Further Training. We offer our steadily growing number of employees interesting, future-oriented and secure jobs; in return, we expect each and every one of them to attain and keep up our high performance standards on a daily basis.

Communication is the key to understanding.
Open communication – internal as well as external – is the basis of our culture and identity. We have created an environment in which each individual opinion is heard and appreciated. We promote internal communication by inter-departmental meetings, in-house newspapers, a special employees’ TV and informative postings. Every employee is encouraged to put forward improvement suggestions promoting our common goal and optimizing our processes and work flow.

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