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SAS Stressteel


SAS Stressteel is your trusted partner for the most challenging projects imaginable. SAS Sys­tems have long be­en the pre­fer­red material for the most ad­van­ced ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons. Our uni­que ap­proach to sup­p­ly per­fect­ly matched con­nec­tors and re­la­ted ac­cess­ories has ma­de SAS Stressteel the most recognized part­ner in the world of ad­van­ced en­gi­nee­ring.

Whether it be our va­rious gra­des of high qua­li­ty hot-rol­led thre­aded bars, hol­low co­re bars, or strand anchors; SAS systems have been used in some of the most iconic landmark buildings in the US and worldwide. With products ran­ging from 1/2" to 3-1/2" (13mm to 89mm) in dia­me­ter, we are able to de­sign the per­fect en­gi­nee­ring so­lu­ti­on for your pro­ject.  Readily available grades of threaded bars include Grade 75/80, Grade 97 and Grade 150 for post-tensioning applications.

Our con­ti­nuous­ly thre­a­ded steel bars are hot-rol­led and tem­pe­red. Our Grade 150 bars are additionally cold stret­ched and stress re­li­e­ved to pro­of load, a pro­cess which as­su­res that each and every bar has be­en in­di­vi­dual­ly tested for ten­si­le ca­pa­ci­ty as well as crea­ting a well-defined yield point, exceeding the re­qui­re­ments for ASTM A-722. Our Grades 75/80 bar se­ries ex­ceed all re­qui­re­ments for ASTM A-615 for con­cre­te rein­force­ment.  Grade 97 carries its own ICC approval.  The con­stant mo­ni­to­ring of ma­te­ri­al and pro­ces­ses as­su­res a con­sis­tent pro­duct you can count on every ti­me. Our thre­a­ded bars and hard­ware ac­cess­ories are pro­du­ced in an ISO 9001 cer­ti­fied mill.

SAS Geotechnical production includes prefabricated threaded bar cages used in Deep Foundation applications for fast economical installation.

In addition, we do carry a full line of threaded bar products, ranging from Formworks applications to supplying the Energy Sector with Tie-down anchors for Windfarm Projects and our ULTS material for the construction of large scale LNG projects. 

With of­fices lo­ca­ted in Fair­field, New Jer­sey and Fremont, Ca­li­for­nia we are well re­pre­sen­ted to sa­tis­fy our customers’ needs. Further we are represented through local sales and engineering professionals in various areas of North America, ranging from Florida through the entire provinces of Canada.

If it's design support you need, our in-house SAS Engineering Group  is there to help.  From the in­iti­al en­gi­nee­ring sup­port to the de­li­very of our sys­tems, SAS Engineering Group is your part­ner to rea­li­ze even the most chal­len­ging pro­jects. We are he­re to as­sist you all along the way.