Company History and Overview


The long tradition of steel manufacturing at Annahuette dates back to the year 1537.

It was the bishop of Salzburg that allowed our company, named Eisengewerkschaft Achtal-Hammerau, to query and manufacture iron parts such as wagon axels, nails as well as horseshoes.

The production was quickly shifted to more advanced products such as weapons and screws, as well as construction related metal products.

The current mill is still operating on those exact promises  and has continuously been in operation for the last 484 years. This makes Stahlwerk Annahuette, as it is known today, the oldest known steel manufacturing company still in existence anywhere around the globe.




During the last century, the main focus was placed on the manufacturing of the highest quality steel products imaginable. Our products are essential for the construction, engineering, and automotive industries worldwide.

Max Aicher, the current owner, took over the mill in 1975 and used the solid foundation to create a group of companies that are closely related and work in perfect harmony to satisfy the global demand for High Grade Steel.

Aicher Steel Americas has since become the leading supplier of the most advanced steel products available.

With a worldwide presence through Aicher Steel Americas, Max Aicher Group has been establishing itself as a leader in the most advanced engineering projects to date.

Aicher Steel Americas is your partner to realize even the most challenging projects. From initial engineering support to the delivery of our systems, we are here to assist you along the entire way.

With our office located in Roseland, New Jersey we are always ready to satisfy our customers’ needs. With local representation in every region of the US and Canada we will ensure a fast and economical solution to our customers demanding schedule.

Furthermore, Aicher Steel Americas has been actively involved in a variety of cutting edge engineering projects through collaboration with outstanding engineering servce providers. We are the one-stop-shop our customers are looking for.

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